part 2/part 1 (as i originally intended it ») is posted now! 

sdr2 group will be finished asap + other requests, but unfortunately after finishing that batch my tablet half died on me so it me take a wee while.

thanks everyone for your support! i hope you have a great holiday.

»belated christmas gift || pastel goth || dangan ronpa sprite edits || part 1

» belated christmas gift || pastel goth || dangan ronpa sprite edits || part 2

Just popping in to say merry christmas to all my followers and happy holidays do those who don’t celebrate :) 

A big present from me is coming tommorrow (or tonight, depending when I can actually get free) 

Which I’m hoping will make you guys forgive me a little for the inactivity x)

Have a great day!

Your not even active?? I've been waiting a month for new sprites...

(it’s only been a little over two weeks since i last posted a sprite, but all right….)

I’m sorry but i’ve been focusing my time on studying, which i feel like is a bit more important than providing pastel goth sprite edits for a bunch of strangers on the internet?

i really appreciate the support i’ve been getting and it’s not like i don’t enjoy doing sprite edits, but inspiration comes and goes and i’ve been pretty busy doing other stuff.

i’m sorry if you’re disappointed that i haven’t produced anything new in a while, and i HAVE been working on the requests (of which there are currently over 60…) but i have other priorities in my life and i would really appreciate it if you could respect that.

(Sorry if this comes off as oversensitive, but this just rubbed me the wrong way.)

is it okay for us to use these wonderful pictures as icons? <o////o>

sure, go ahead! credit is appreciated, as always, but not necessary!

and a general reminder to my followers that if you cosplay/draw any of my edits, i’d love to see it so please submit it or tag it when my url! uwu/ 

I’m nearing 750 followers! :) thank you all for being so lovely and reblogging and liking my sprites, as well as following me! i’ve really enjoyed doing all the requests so far.

Does anyone have any idea for something I can do to celebrate 750 followers? Send me an ask! (on anon or not, either is fine with me!)

Could you also add who asked it so we could find them via tags, please?

oh, you mean like tagging their usernames so they can find the edit they requested? :O sure, i’ll do that from now on. 

pastel goth mondo, by surprisingly popular request

pastel goth mondo, by surprisingly popular request

request for pastel goth kirigiri \o/

request for pastel goth kirigiri \o/